Seven takeaways for new members of Clubhouse

Clubhouse Takeaway Seven

We investigated the most important aspects to know about Clubhouse

Within the first seven days of the initial registration, a Party hat stay on the left side of the avatar in any room you visit. Its shows others that you are a novice Clubhouse user. We would recommend you practice more during this period with your friends and in rooms.

People are more likely to be more flexible with errors in etiquette and understand and expect that we all have to learn this new platform.

Before I invite friends to join I like to pass on these tips to them. Once they have joined they are related to you by who invited them and linked to your profile for good.

Your invited friends conduct could reflect on you in the future and should be considered. You should share these tips to make it easier for friends to get started and enjoy Clubhouse!

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1 Hang on Clubhouse

For optimal results, it is suggested to hang on your phone for around at least two to three hours each day, think of it like listening to a radio show and take in the gems available, it also lets others discover you in the rooms your in and when people can discover you they can follow you.

The phone can be muted at the same time should a more quite time be required; using other apps simultaneously will not affect the Clubhouse app unless your using another application which requires sound.

2 Use Invites

It's recommended that your invitation quota be used ASAP (as soon as possible). People within your own social network are recommended to start of with, along with people who are also able to do grow your network. Those who have influence or are willing to share will be more likely to get rewarded with more invitations in the future, making the community more interesting and exciting. Before inviting people.

3 Violations

Violations : People may be banned for recording, trolling, opening hear-say rooms, and leaking information in rooms. Defamation, bullying, and discrimination, as well as other illegal activities, may result in account cancellation.

4 Follow

Follow more people and Clubs to see more rooms. Having followed "a room", you will receive notification's about that clubs rooms on Clubhouse. People who have interest in a subject will be able to influence your hallway of rooms and can ping you into a room for you to listen or join in the discussion as a speaker.

5 Nine Dots

The nine dots, one is a green dot in the lower right corner of the main screen hallway. You can click on this icon to access the online list and see in which room the person you follow is located. Tap the name to go directly to the open room.

6 Stage

The general audience is pre-selected, so they cannot speak when you enter the chat room. Speakers must raise their hands and wait for the moderator to invite them. You will be permitted to use the microphone on stage when you are permitted to go on stage and speak. You must mute your mic when joining the stage or you may talk over the other speakers until it's your turn.

7 Real

Real names can only be changed once, stage names can only be added but cannot be changed, and there are no other restrictions.

Keyword Bonus

We recommend that you add at least some keywords in your profile. Keywords play an important role for the algorithm to show you rooms. Keywords will allow you to find the relevant rooms you want to join as the Clubhouse algorithm uses your profile to find relevant conversation.

This seven point list is focused on helping Clubhouse users learn, grow, and develop on this new audio only platform. "Drop in audio" is the tag line of the Clubhouse app and it's a key part to using the app in the way it's been created for. We will look at more aspects of the platform.

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