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The icons of Clubhouse, we have seen a few, and many late comers to the platform will be wondering why the app icon changes once a month to some seemingly random person as a greyscale portrait. It can be frustrating trying to find the Clubhouse app again after an overnight update.

Why all the fuss, we don't see other social media platforms changing icons. If we did, would we see the likes of Justin Bier or Elon Musk, I do hope not.

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Clubhouse icons

Notice all the grey spaces on the header from the main page of Clubhouse, we can expect a few more icons!

The Clubhouse app recently received a facelift, and it's not the first occurrence. There's no glitch or hickup - this happens every month. The platform changes its icon on purpose just to confuse you.

Joking aside, you maybe think that after an overnight update, however there are many justified reasons why Clubhouse changes it's icon and rest assured they have the best of intentions.

The app icon of Clubhouse has already made it stand out from the very beginning. By using a real-life image of a person instead of a logo. The platform's app icons instead of logos feature real-life images of real people. The choices were deliberate, almost painstakingly deliberate to keep up momentum some may say.

Clubhouse has gained an enormous amount of popularity since it was launched. The phenomenon has developed beyond that, however, as a catalyst for real impact. There have been "rooms" on a host of social subjects, and featuring influential people, and prominent personalities that have brought a new community together for a greater good.

Though the app attracts many high-profile users, it remains committed to putting the spotlight on everyday people who are changemakers and the app icon swapping has been a part of that focus.

Clubhouse replied to a tweet about the monthly changing of it's app icon is consistent with the brand identity of Clubhouse, and shows it's commitment for change in the social media space.

Passed and present Clubhouse app icons


Erika Batista

Espree Devora

Julie Wenah

Julie Wenah

Drue Kataoka

Axel Mansoor

Bonani X

Dandara Pagu

Justin Meezy Williams

Leah Lamarr

Mandiie Martinez

Anirudh Deshmukh

Abraxas Higgins

Francesca Hogi

But first this!

The very first Icon

Yes, the first release was originally designed for podcasting and featured airpods as the app icon.

This is a far cry from the more personalised images we see today. Sure we still have the black and white touch, but airpods, really!

Find out more about the first version of Clubhouse in our FAQ with hundreds of answered questions about Clubhouse. The InClub.house FAQ

Who is next

Real names can only be changed once, stage names can only be added but cannot be changed, and app icons can live forever. Who will be the next Clubhouse app Icon. We have the Hot 50 list to let little know stars shine and maybe one of them will be the next Clubhouse app icon and if not they will receive some recognition for all the hard work they put it. Vote for your Hot 50 nomination at The Hot 50 Vote.