GET STARTED: Clubhouse A Beginner’s Guide

Listen to thousands of conversations taking place in real time on Clubhouse, a social media app that focuses on audio. We discuss just about every subject imaginable in these unscripted, podcast-like discussions, from cryptocurrencies to astrology and tarot reading.

Do you want to become a member? Get a quick look at everything the app has to offer.

Scroll up and down the hallway to get a feel for the place

You can see what's happening in Clubhouse right now on the main screen (also known as the Hallway). There's a card for each Room: At the top, there's a name for the Club hosting that room (a green house is next to it). The discussion topic is right under that, along with a few members who are currently listening. The two numbers on the screen indicate the number of attendees in the Room and the number of speakers on the Stage. Select one and join the meeting! Leaving is just as easy. The other parties will not be notified of your departure when you hit the "Leave quietly" button.

Create a clubhouse that suits your needs

This next step is crucial because so much is happening at Clubhouse. It is recommended that you choose several topics that interest you when you set up your profile; this helps Clubhouse recommend relevant conversations. Travel, world affairs, wellness, and tech are among the categories, with niche subcategories within each. You can still edit your Interests after creating your profile! Tap the small profile icon in the upper right corner, then select the gear icon.)

You can participate in thousands of live conversations with people who have similar interests and passions to you.

Your community is waiting for you

Next, seek out like-minded people and connect! In the Explore tab, you can search for people, clubs, and topics by tapping the magnifying glass at the top of the Hallway. You can browse Clubhouse by topic, or follow members and clubs as you scroll down the screen. You can see what options are available in the app this way.

Preparation is key

It helps to plan ahead if you want to find interesting rooms. An updated schedule of upcoming rooms can be viewed by tapping the calendar icon in the Hallway. You'll be notified when the conversation begins by tapping the bell icon of the room you're interested in.

Your time to shine - take the stage

The Clubhouse Room is divided into two parts: A Stage, which hosts the speakers, and an Audience, which listens to them. Would you like to speak? Put your hand up so that the moderator can invite you to the stage. It's on the bottom right.

Trivia Tip: touch and hold the icon to customize the skin tone of your hand.

Summary of

GET STARTED: Clubhouse A Beginner’s Guide

Clubhouse is a simple to navigate space for conversations on almost everything. Social media has a new face in Clubhouse, and like anything new it may take some time to adjust to this new interactive format where sound comes before visuals.