Did you know our ears can pick up poor etiquette habits?

Ears can pick up poor etiquette habits just like our eyes?

Do you know why etiquette matters on Clubhouse?

Etiquette can help businesses and professionals improve the following areas:

If you have been to a room where people are not giving the best attention they could, there is a good chance that they are talking during your presentation and not connecting properly leading to etiquette problems. There is also a big chance that they are not giving the best of their abilities because they are distracted.

A good way to beat this is to make sure you are using good etiquette practices for your rooms as a moderator or attendee and that is what this article will help you achieve.

One of the first things I do for my private clients is to improve their telephone skills, and increasingly, Clubhouse etiquette is becoming very important aspect.

I work with many professionals who have international business clients and I get them to focus on their Clubhouse conversations as a way of practicing their communication skills. There is no difference between Clubhouse and other forms of verbal communication, however as soon as we take away the visual element we can start to believe differently.


Everything we do will reflect on our company and our products, and ourselves. By acting professionally, we send the message that our business is credible and trustworthy. Personalized care may very well be your edge against the competition.

Customer Care:

The best way to show customers that their patronage is valued is to treat them with respect and consideration. This, in turn, can inspire customer loyalty and positive feedback. If your customers are on Clubhouse, then make sure you bring your best to the platform.

Employee Engagement:

Good manners will help improve morale and confidence between employees and team members.

Team Synergy:

Good manners will help establish smooth working relationships within a team, contributing to greater productivity.

Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

Just like any social media platform, we need to remember civility while using the app.

Here are some tips, and we encourage you to add your suggestions to the comment section.

First, go to Inclub.house for some great tips, and join a few Facebook groups for tips and tricks. here are two of my favourites, Clubhouse Fans and Clubhouse Entrepreneurs Network.

Remember, the hallway is the area in that shows all the available rooms based on your interests and the people you follow. It is a curated place that is just for you! You can always add or delete the clubs and people that no longer serve your needs and this will also change your hallway for better or worse.

The Ear is the Avenue to the Heart!

First, look at Clubhouse space as you would a real-life room during an event. How we speak to each other is no different in real life or virtually.

It's best to keep learning as we take the Clubhouse journey together, for tips and advice on being a moderator, and for sharing what you have learnt.

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