Review review - Clubhouse stats and analytics

Clubhub - Advanced analytics tool for Clubhouse

We investigate the most important aspects of Clubhub and it's surprises!

ClubHub - A software for analysing and analysing clubhouse statistics. You can track your room statistics, audience growth, and a few other tricks to manage essential data for the power user!

What is Clubhub?

The application, called Clubhub, allows users to obtain statistics that are not available in the Clubhouse application. The statistics include a range of information for creators and club owners.

Clubhub is a cloud based software as a service product for collecting and analysing Clubhouse room statistics with a rich visual feature set.

The ability to track room statistics, audience attendance, audience growth, and many other tricks to manage essential data that is useful for nerds and power users alike! A more comprehensive list of feature is below.

What features does Clubhub provided?

Clubhub provides a range of data points to help creators provide an improved user experience for audiences. 

Clubhub features include:

  • Displaying average room statistics Data
  • Auto-monitoring for lead rooms
  • Gain or loss of followers in a room
  • Audience general interests
  • list of all visitors to a room
  • Exportable data on all room visitors
  • Average club stats
  • Club members activities
  • Members list with export
  • Auto-tracking for club spaces

A forgotten feature! Discovery...

Discovery is the most important aspect of Clubhouse, Paul Davidson, CEO of Clubhouse, talks about discovery and the impact it has on community experience every week in the Sunday room of the Clubhouse Townhall. 

Discovery can make or break the user and community experience, with users being affected in a number of ways:

  • By missing an interesting room topic or discussion,
  • By the room not gaining enough reach for new participants to join in on open discussion topics.
  • By not having enough audience members to gain traction in the hallway.

Clubhub - Discovery limits

Clubhub is limited by the Clubhouse API regarding room discovery, it's estimated that Clubhub can see only a fraction 1-7% of the available rooms at any one time.

Clubhouse has stated that over 700,000 rooms are produced by community members every week, and Clubhub displays around 70 to 180 at any one time for Clubhub users to discover, and enter which back up the estimate on the hallway count.

Feeling FOMO? add some additional discovery

If you have a fear of missing out or just want more options, then the additional room discovery is highly worth regularly investigating by free and paid users alike.

Especially for new users of Clubhouse needing to extend the number of available rooms in the apps Hallway.

Navigation is made possible by links to the room via a quick scan QR code for phone transfer when on a larger display like a desktop is being used or by direct linking when already on a mobile device.

Having the option to search by room title is just icing on the discovery cake.

I won't be for every room available, however it will be an extension of the available rooms in personnel hallway.

 In the screenshot from the Clubhub site below we can see the layout of the room discovery and the smaller rooms which may not gain traction in most user hallways.

Clubhub room discovery screenshot

Profiles and Bio data

Clubhub is able to show full page profiles including bio information, PTR images, and if the profile has been historically growing or falling over a period of months, in the form of two graphical displays. The full text of the users profile and social links is included. Any links within the users profile can be highlighted and either copied or redirected in the browser which isn't a feature supported by Clubhouse. The social links can be upgraded to make them directly clickable via the paid subscription option.

Profile bio text have update delays of at least a few hours and the PTR images normally update within a few seconds or minutes of a PTR change.

Clubhub includes the basics like room name, the moderators and the speakers. Each person is clickable to view the bio and profile of the user.

Each room also contains an activity feed that shows what's happening within each room at any given time.

A positive from a negative for paid users

This limit creates a real plus point for Clubhub paid users, as once an upgraded user is made a room moderator; the room is displayed in the room discovery section of the Clubhub site. This additional exposure is invaluable for growing rooms, and adding some much-needed discovery house power for all creators and moderators and a feature that is overlooked by many.

Statistical advantage

Almost forgot, Clubhub is a statistics tool. 😉

Having the ability to know how a room is preforming makes on the fly constructive room planning a breeze. The Clubhub live room stats have only a second or two latency delay, and provide a host of information on a rooms conversation flow, the visual format is easy on the eye for most users and is detailed enough for most power users.

Clubhub.Site Conclusion

Clubhub is a very useful tool for anyone looking to improve as a creator, yes it's limited by the Clubhouse API, however what it does have is on point, and highly useful as a source of information for creators, and audiences alike.

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