Clubhouse, I'm I missing out? You don't have too!

Clubhouse, I'm I missing out?

You don't have too!

It's perfectly fine for most people to type words or post pictures on social media to express themselves, influence people and grow there business at least to some form or another.

Clubhouse is a platform where active users of all ages share their views with an audience that is open to interacting on a number of topics including entertainment, political, economic, and social issues to name a few.

Many of them are gravitating towards Voice as the new social network of choice, and live audio platforms like Clubhouse are gaining huge interest from users and competitors alike.

The Twitter Spaces clone of Clubhouse was recently launched by the company. Clearly trying to take advantage of Clubhouse's early success, Facebook, Instagram (which they own), LinkedIn, and Spotify are actively developing audio-based social networks.

LinkedIn confirmed it is testing an audio experience connected with your profile. Live audio is just as it sounds - live. There is something alluring about the platform's chance and conversational nature, but it is also something that gives others pause. As a result, Clubhouse's success and that of its emerging rivals differs from other popular audio channel currently available such as podcasts or traditional radio.

Members inside Clubhouse create rooms and clubs, generally around certain topics of interest. People can come and go as they please. After dropping into a room, they can hit a button to leave quietly.

Clubhouse app interests page

A screenshot from with in the Clubhouse application

A screenshot from with in the Clubhouse application showing the interests page found under the settings options.

What are the Clubhouse interests

Clubhouse lists 14 categories with multiple subsections under each main section:

  • Languages
  • Places
  • World Affairs
  • Hanging Out
  • Entertainment
  • Life
  • Tech
  • Wellness
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Hustle
  • Identity
  • Faith
  • Knowledge

Note: Once on the page Scroll left to right to see the additional options.

How to change your interests in Clubhouse

Users can add or remove topics from the settings section of the application. The settings is located in under your profile in the top right hand corner, shown as a gear icon. Clubhouse starts to personalize your app experience based on these choices. If you ever want to add or remove interests from your account, simply click the gear icon in your profile and then select interests.

Privacy Note: Other people can not see what interests you have selected from this area of the application without access to your device.

How to update interests in Clubhouse step guide:

  1. From the hallway, tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select  “Interests” from the list of options
  4. tap to select or deselect the interests as required

Hosts and moderators

The person who controls the virtual room is labeled a moderator or host, and can be identified by a green circle with a white star in the middle next to their name in the room. There is no limit to how many hosts or moderators can be active in the room at once.

The host or moderator guides the room

The host or moderator guides the room by allowing others to speak, those who listen can request to speak by tap on the raise hand button to take part in the conversation. pro tip, you can change the color of the hand by leaving your finger on the button for an extra menu to appear.

Become engaged by finding conversations with passion

To identify conversation topics and clubs you may enjoy, it's best to list your interests in the interests section of your profile using the emoji topics and categories, from business to world affairs, almost all subjects have coverage.

Clubs and Profiles

Additionally, you may want to search for clubs based on keywords you are interested in, as well as profiles of people in the community. Pro tip Ensure that your profile is filled with relevant keywords so other people can find you.


The app opens once you complete the onboarding process and enter its home screen feed, or "hallway." Here you will find people and clubs that you can "follow" or contact. You can view upcoming events by tapping a calendar icon. Each time you enter a room, you see circled pictures (or initials) representing the other persons in it.

Viewing their profile is as simple as tapping their circle and the option to follow them is then just a click away with the follow button.

The Clubhouse offers many beginner-oriented rooms that are ideal for beginners. At 9 p.m. New user orientations are held every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

Party Hat

A new member's profile page displays a party hat badge as a means of welcoming new members and lasts 7 days. This gives existing community members the chance to recognize that someone may need some extra orientation in the app.

Summary of

Clubhouse, What I'm I missing?

Understanding what being in Clubhouse can do for you can help you reach new people in a huge range of subjects without much effort on the users part.

Taking the user experience to the next level is .

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