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Replay Feature is Now Available at Clubhouse: what it is and how it works

Clubhouse's room recordings function as replays on the audio-only social networking app. A chat session can be replayed so that anyone can listen at their convenience.

The new feature is currently in beta and will be available for all users over the next few weeks.

We’re excited about this new addition as it allows us to provide an even better experience for the community. We hope everyone will enjoy listening to your favourite chats and topics even when the chance of listening live has passed!


All public rooms of the Clubhouse offer replay capabilities. Recordings can be made by hosts or moderators, which can then be accessed via the Clubhouse app. During the event, the moderator pins links to the top of the room that can be interacted with through the Replay, which allows users to interact with them while they are there. Even passive observance includes seeing people joining and leaving the stage and audience, hearing accidental sounds, and the other elements unique to live events. By listening to it as a recording, you can skip directly to the next speaker instead of skipping by 30 seconds at a time.

Clubhouse owners who want to extend the life of their rooms will also benefit from the replay, as they will be able to see who watched it along with who was there when it was recorded. As well as downloading the audio, they can also distribute it as a more traditional podcast or post highlights on social media.

A Clubhouse room goes far beyond live broadcasting. Clubhouse is a place to gather and build community, the company explained in a blog post. We wanted Replays to capture a live Clubhouse experience in ways that non-interactive audio streams alone cannot. Think of it like a live Clubhouse, but later - and available to everyone.

Clubhouse Replays are discoverable through the universal search functionality, but you can also find them in club pages and speakers' profiles (unless they've chosen to hide them for privacy)

Raised questions?

I'm a new member here. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of the replays that are on my profile page? I don't want to have to go into every single speaker's profile and delete them one by one because it takes forever. Thanks!

Privacy is a big thing, and many new users could feel less interested in talking when a recording of the conversation is created.

Summary of

Clubhouse replay feature

Having the ability to record a conversation have been requested for months by the community and now that it's finally here, it in a class of it's own with simple to find recordings for the community to engage. As the content mounts, it will be interesting to see how this feature will develop.