Clubhouse bio, 20 of the most important bio tips everyone needs to know

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Clubhouse bio, 20 of the most important bio tips everyone needs to know

We'll look at the many ways to leverage Clubhouse to grow your authority in this article. 

No matter what your Clubhouse bio says, optimizing your Clubhouse bio before entering any room, big or small, is paramount.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social media platform that has audio at its core. Clubhouse users can be divided into two types, audience members and speakers. A mod or speaker can turn on a microphone to speak at any time. The audience is passively listening to the speakers. Essentially it's a live version of podcasting and radio combined. Those who raise their hands to speak can be invited to the stage when a 'room' space is started.

Clubhouse has become more inclusive of time with hundreds of thousands of spaces called 'rooms' being open every week.

The social media app is available from Google play and Apple app stores.

What is a Clubhouse profile or bio? And how could it help you?

Your Clubhouse profile is basically a short description about yourself. When writing your bio, you are allowed a specific number of words, and within this limit you should be able to tell what kind of person you are reading about. A bio should be kept simple, easy to read, and relevant to the audience. There will always be someone who wants to read everything you write, but that's not for your bio. Don't go into too much detail. Make it brief and straightforward, and leave the full details on the about page with a link to the information for heavy readers.

A bio is about helping you find the right people to relate with, who can be your audience, and can follow you on to other platforms, including your own. 

A great bio can be used as an online resume. It’s also a way of introducing yourself to potential clients, partners, and customers. Small business owners benefit greatly from appearing in Clubhouse.

Take into consideration the people you want to reach, as well as the topics you are interested in, both on a personal and professional level. In addition to rapid growth, it's more seasoned users have become less interested in following other users. Having a great bio will make following less of a choice.

 The profile image or headshot

You should always have a good profile photo or a good headshot on every connection platform and Clubhouse is no exception. A good profile picture is half the battle in Clubhouse. It is the first, and only visual part of the application. Clubhouse is voice first and profile image second.

Additionally, changing a profile photo too often is like wearing a hat and glasses in the real world, and expecting everyone to recognize you at first sight. If you want to make it harder for people to know who you are, and remember, then change your profile image often. 

Remember to return your profile image to the normal one after any PTR image changes. 

If your using a real photo, make it a good one by using a professional photographer to take the photo, or if that's not possible, try to find some bio photo tips before opting for an image.

Be searchable in Clubhouse and on other services like Google

Our Clubhouse profile is available in Clubhouse with a click, and on other services like Google. 

That's right Clubhouse profile can be listed in search engines as they are officially available outside the Clubhouse application. Each Clubhouse Profile has a URL which you can share. Some Facebook groups like Clubhouse Fans have Clubling's sharing profiles regularly. 'Clublings' is the fandom name.  

Three lines for the best first impression 

Create the very best first impression with your Clubhouse Bio by focusing on the first three lines in the bio section. The first three lines in your bio are viewable directly after clicking on your profile. They should be catchy, and intriguing for your target audience to read more. Use a neat layout, font, and title about yourself for the most impact. 

A person has a personality, not a bio

Personality, helps to create more meaningful connections. For example, by Incorporating some humor into your bio it's possible to better relate to your audience.

Your audience will be interested in learning about your interests, your side hustle, or anything else that gives you character and personality.

Make sure your content highlights YOU! Describe your personality, your interests, and other features that might attract a similar audience.

In Clubhouse, users look for accounts they can learn from or get a sense of shared value. Make sure that your bio contains a why. Tell your audience why you joined Clubhouse and why you hope to generate leads from it.

Not sure how to create your why — check our Simon Sinek - YouTube's most watched why video

Place Instagram and Twitter links

Connect Instagram and Twitter by using the options available from within the Clubhouse application. This will allow people who follow you on these platforms, and to share with friends as well.

Having a social media link back to your bio is good practice. You can use a URL that contains a multiple destination tree so that people on other platforms can find your profile, your website or any other location you want to take them. Make sure you include it in your Clubhouse profile strategy.

Crossing the third line, The fourth line

The fourth line and beyond of your bio can be just as important as the first three. The user has swiped up to read more, and more they will need.

There are a wide variety of keywords you can search for, from locations, and colleges to job titles, favorite whiskey, and businesses.

Adding a keyword is a way to describe what you are working on and a word that people search for to find similar interests.

For example, if you are a designer and would like to become a vlogger, write "designer with a passion for vlogging" in your keyword, and if you work for a company, write "x role in X company". By using keywords, your credibility in the field will grow, and your following will increase.

Emojis are small images used to communicate quickly with an audience. If you add Emojis to your Bio, it's easy for others to understand what you do without just reading in full. An emoji's can be helpful in fast moving rooms, where the reader want's to have a quick understanding of the bio. You can tell immediately what the user is really trying to achieve when you just see the corresponding Emoji. Make sure to include some emojis that can't be misunderstood, and that are relevant to you.

The call of the wild, err to action!

The call of the wild, err to action!

You have their attention! Now put an explicit call to action at the end for maximum results. Visitors to your profile should be prompted to connect with you on Instagram, Twitter or download resources with a strong Call to Action. 

You may want to use these examples as CTA (Call to action):

  • Download for free 
  • DM me on Instagram
  • You can find out more by following me. 
  • Join the club 

You can include your contact information in the bio. Add your website link, social media account details, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other relevant contact information. People prefer someone who has reasonable contact methods.

Also, if you are promoting a business, include your location and business vertical for the audience. If you want to build an audience following in a local area, location is a must-have in the bio. 

Note: Avoid adding private telephone numbers or email addresses to the bio. These can be provided to real people once a true connection has been developed.

Add Your Website URL

Placing your website link at the end of the bio can help users know where else they can find out more information. It also gives them another way to contact you. Remember it's not clickable from within the application, however it is clickable or at least copy and paste able from other platforms. To make it as accessible as possible for users, either use a shortening service to reduce the link or have a really easy link to remember for the best results.

We are done with the best Clubhouse bio in the world! Now what?

Update your bio regularly! Yep, we're never really done with a bio, a tweak here, a change there can make a difference. Keep thinking about improving every aspect of your bio. Since we regularly learn new skills, information and advance in different ways, it's important to reflect these in your bio with updates.

How have you used Clubhouse for your business so far?

Bonus - The Club bio

In time, we expect clubs to be searchable on search engines like Google and Bing, just like Facebook groups have been indexed on search engines. Why not have that same functionality for this platform? We know that a huge number of user profiles have been indexed so far. This will make finding clubs easier than ever before, as people can simply type Clubhouse + Club + club name or interest” into any of the normal search platforms to find a new club. Make your club stand out with good keywords, and a strong bio.

Summary of

Clubhouse bio, 20 of the most important bio tips everyone needs to know

Your Clubhouse bio is the only visual connection with other users without asking them to look outside of the application. The bio is prime real state for promoting both yourself and the activities of other interests.

  1. Introduction in the first three lines of the bio (before the fold)
  2. Make the fourth line count.
  3. A call to action is required
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